Microtonal Music Studios is a full service all inclusive studio and practice-led research centre for building, modifying, and renting instruments. It offers facilities and resources for playing, recording and distributing microtonal music as well as lessons and workshops on theory and practice.

It is a centre for learning, sharing and creating the resources for the creation of microtonal music. The centre provides a physical platform for the exploration of microtonal music from a post-national and decolonized perspective. There is no focus on any style, tradition or culture of music, microtonal music is seen as an encompassing material quality of music that needs resources to develop and which so far has been marginalized by the industrialization and mass production of both instruments and instrumentalists. Microtonal music is bespoke and personal. It allows people to find their own musical voice outside of any musical tradition, but also allows those musical traditions to expand their tonality and sound.

Microtonal Music Studios is a project founded by composer and artist Dr Timo S. Tuhkanen.

Dr Tuhkanen is an Affiliate Researcher at the University of Turku Department of Musicology, researching ‘cutaneous touch as a historical and cultural aspect of music’, and affiliated staff with the private MU – Microtonal University founded by Johnny Reinhard.

Microtonal Music Studios is supported by Kone Foundation.